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About the book

From Religious to Relationship also provides foundational truth and basic instruction for the new believer to strengthen their walk with the Lord Jesus Christ, and several Scriptures to help build their faith. This book is for those:

This book is for those: 

Who don’t know Jesus as the one, true God.

Who do know Jesus as the one, true God.

Who want nothing to do with God.

Who want to be loved and know true love.

Who want to know for sure when they die, they will go to heaven.

Who don’t want to believe God is real.

Who don’t want to believe Jesus is God.

Who want to know how the truth can set you free!

Who want to have a life experience with God on this earth.

Who don’t know where to turn and want to have a new life.

Who want to know where we came from; monkeys or ...?